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Polyurethane Installation Foam For Acoustic Panels

How to use installation foam when installing your new acoustic panels. 

1. Use a damp cloth to remove any dust

2. Determine the position of the first panel, plot a vertical and a horizontal line to serve as the start of the panel arrangement.

3. Lie the first panel on the floor with the face facing down and apply glue as shown on the foam.

4. Depending on the glue that you use, wait for the recommended open time

5. Place, level and hold for at least 2 minutes while the glue straightness

6. Subsequent panels are fitted with a 2 mm to 5 mm gap between each other. Use same flueing method from step 3

7. Do not lean furniture or other heavy items on the newly glued panels.

8. After the 24hours of drying are over, you can clean your new panels with soft damp cloth and invite some friends to have a look at your new wall design.

If possible sustain the lower level panels with a wooden beam during the drying process.


Used for gluing acoustic panels to walls and sealings. End result is a clean and seamless installation without any gaps between the surface and the panel.



Type:  Polyurethane adhesive - 750 ml
Cover area:  (sufficient for 7 m² surface area of panels) 


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