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Adjustable hanging system for baffles

How to use an Adjustable hanging system for baffles when installing your new acoustic panels.  1 set is good for 1 baffle,

Step 1:  Determine the type of roof surface. Use the appropriate fasteners - / for concrete ceiling or plasterboard ceilings/
Scheme spring hangers positioning – sample scheme

Step 2:  Тhe springs are mounted on the partitions 20 cm from the edge of the partition /for circle, rectangular and square/.

Step 3:  The distance between the springs must be:
- for a circle at 69 cm.
- for rectangular and square at 40 cm.

Step 4:  The spring is inserted by placing the top of the spring at the selected location and pressing down and rotating clockwise. When installed, the hinges should look like this

Step 5:  Attach the baffle to the adjustable hanging system /cable hanging / via the connect spring hangers

Step 6:  Use one of the steel bracket hangers to mark the position of each screw.

Step 7:  Attach the steel wires to the ceiling surface via the steel bracket hangers with mechanism and screws

Step 8:  Pull the wire ropes through the steel clamp mechanisms to lift and level the barrier in place.

Step 9:  To download (if necessary) press the mechanism button


Used for hanging acoustic panels to ceilings. End result is a clean and seamless installation without any gaps between the surface and the panel.



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